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Winning Strategies When Playing Roulette

Winning Strategies
Winning Strategies

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking to play roulette at your favorite BitCoin casino online or at a local joint that you have fallen in love with – or maybe you’re even planning on hitting Vegas – you’re going to want to be 100% solid with your roulette strategy if you are to have any chance at all at beating the house.

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games of them all, with some historians believing that roulette being played by Roman soldiers and shepherds quite literally thousands of years ago.

That’s plenty of time for a number of winning strategies to have been developed, and you’re going to want to master at least the three that we highlight below if you are going to clean up!


Let’s dive right in!


The Martingale BitCoin Casino Strategy


If you have ever played ANY game at any BitCoin casino USA players are allowed at – or any game at any casino, for that matter – the odds are pretty good that you’ve at least played around with the Martingale strategy.

It essentially boils down to doubling your bet if you lose a decision, basically hedging your odds by assuming that you have to win sooner or later. It isn’t the most sophisticated of all the roulette strategies out there, but it certainly has its advantages.


Simple Gun and Run Martingale Strategy

Martingale strategies are really only all that effective when you’re playing on and even money outside bet while playing roulette BitCoin games. Any time you start to stray outside of even money wagers you’re going to be giving the house the advantage more often than not.

What you do here is make your first bet $10, for example on any of the even money propositions. If you lose that wager, bump things up to $20 – and then sit out two spins. If you lose again, kick things up to $40, and if you lose again you drop things all the way back down to $10 before rinsing and repeating again and again until you hit the jackpots you are after.

This BitCoin casino and off-line casino strategy is designed to help you mitigate devastating losses that escalate with a strictly Martingale style.


Simple Paroli System

This roulette strategy is a progressive wagering strategy, attempting to give players a slight advantage over the house when they start to place bets after they have already begun to win.

This strategy is something that a lot of BitCoin casino USA players have embraced online, and it’s easy to see why. Essentially you are running the Martingale system – but not on losses, and instead on wins.

Every time you win you bump up your wager, usually going three decisions in around before you decide to decrease things back to your original wager.

If you started with $10 and win you would go to $20, and if you win again you would bump things up to $40. This is where you keep all of your winnings and start to play with $10, $20, and $40 again, rinsing and repeating while protecting your profits every step of the way.

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