Posted October 12, 2016 by Olivia Abigail in Social Casinos

Top Reasons for Social Casino’s High Safety Rating

Government is always busy in implementing new restrictions on gambling projects. Life of a gambling entrepreneur has become so difficult but the social media is still providing it the biggest support. Social Casinos are gaining more and more popularity and they are rated to be most safe platforms for gambling service owners. In case if you are living in a state or country where lots of bans have been posed on gambling projects and you do not find any way to succeed with your dream project then it is right time to make a shift towards social casino world. And the best part is that one of the most popular social media network- Facebook can help you to achieve great success in this project. The fact is that it is legal too.

Here are few reasons for increasing safety rating of social casinos:


  • Higher Data Safety:

The technology rich platforms like Facebook and Google are capable enough to maintain a secure data store for your gambling world. Also, people connected to Facebook like platforms are always curious to use new applications. Stats reveal that about 70% of Facebook users prefer to install game apps that they find on Facebook pages. There is no doubt to say that it is a highly competitive network but at the same time it makes you popular over night with higher trust level.

One more interesting fact to know about social casino gaming is that here Facebook takes complete responsibility for notification management. Pop-ups are commonly used to help people in easy app installations and they can control the publication details as per need. Owners can take help from profile databases and newsletters to boost their network.

  • Best Platform for Safe Payments:

Facebook works on global level and this network do not demand casino owners to work for payment processing rather you can take help from inbuilt payment processing systems. These safe payment channels work on the basis of region specific models and are much easier to use. Note that, Facebook will take some commission for your payments; probably 30% for every payment but at the same time it is adapted by all types of audiences throughout the world so you can build a profitable network fast.


  • Lesser chances of frauds:

Stats reveal that social casinos owners feel much protected as there are rare chances of malicious actions or frauds. If anyone wants to play your game then he needs to register via social network and the registration process is completed after updating a valid email id, personal detail and even phone number. It helps casino owners to track their traffic easily with higher safety.


  • Promotional activities are also safe and easy to use:

You must be aware that Facebook is currently serving like biggest marketing platform for business owners. In the similar manner it can help social casinos for their game promotions. There are lots of in built tools to improve effectiveness of marketing activity and it can generate profits for long run even with minimal investment.

Olivia Abigail