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How to play Bitcoin Dice Game

Bitcoin Dice Game
Bitcoin Dice Game

Bitcoin Dice was the first Bitcoin gambling game created, and its success has paved the way for the creation of several other Bitcoin games, among them Bitcoin Roulette, Bitcoin Blackjack, and Bitcoin Baccarat. These games run on secure platforms and the identity of every player is anonymous. For these and other reasons, Bitcoin Dice has developed deep roots and is becoming a popular game in the Bitcoin gambling scene.

Why the popularity? Well, the provably fair aspect is the main reason for the game’s popularity. Provably fair means that any player can mathematically prove that the outcome of the game to prove that there was no cheating involved. So, if you lose, it only means that your loss was fair and if you win, the win is fair.

How different is Bitcoin Dice from the ordinary dice game? First, your luck or the effects of gravity do not play a role in winning or losing. To win, you have to know how the game works, employ some math and execute your moves smartly.

You also need to know that unlike the ordinary dice games, Bitcoin Dice does not involve choosing from the six numbers on the dice. Instead, the online system features a big range of numbers ranging from hundreds to thousands. To win, you have to choose one lucky number with the aim of predicting if the lucky number on the dice if higher or lower than the digit you choose.

To do that, you have to understand the rules of the game as you do the back of your hand.

Whether it’s your first time learning about the game or you have been perfecting it for some time, your chances of winning will increase, only if you understand these steps. Keep reading to find out how to play Bitcoin Dice

It is by far one of the easiest games to play, and you need the guess the outcome of your roll. You also have to determine the probability of winning before you start playing. If you set a high probability, then your bet rates are lower but setting a low probability of winning means that you have higher rewards. Don’t forget that if you lose a game, you have to give up your initial bet.

Select your chance

Your chance is your lucky number. You choose your chance depending on a wide range of numbers offered by the Bitcoin dice site. While some of the sites offer a few hundred chances, others go all out and offer thousand or a hundred thousand chances. Your chance should be a digit which is a perfect match for your predictions.

Placing your bet

After selecting your chance, you have to determine how much you want to place as the bet for that round. Here, you need to be aware of the minimum and the maximum bets. Knowing this helps you avoid any hassles in the game.

Roll LO or HI

This is the most important part of the game. If when playing you think that the number you will draw is higher than your chance, then you should opt to Roll HI. But, if you anticipate a lower result than the number on your chance, then you should choose to Roll LO.

Waiting for the results

Here, you roll the dice and pick your lucky number. If you placed a Roll HI bet and if the lucky number is higher than what your chance is or if what you wagered on the RoLL LO is lower than your chance, you win. Your winnings are deposited in your wallet immediately.


Not so complicated, is it? Well, how about you try your luck?

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