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Online or offline casino experience – what’s better?

casino experience
casino experience

Find out why it’s better to gamble in rather than visiting a real casino. See our comparison between the online and offline casino providers.

If you love casino games, you’ve got two options to choose from – whether to visit a physical casino room or to register in a website like and gamble through the internet. The two alternatives offer different pros and cons and specialists from the casino industry have been still arguing when discussing which one is better.

We would like to try to make a short, but detailed analyze of these two options any gambler or casino newbie have and should choose from. So, let’s start considering which one is better: online or offline casino experience depending on some fundamental factors:

Online or offline gambling – which is more comfortable?

If you live in an area that’s full of physical casinos (like Las Vegas, for instance) you might prefer the physical casino due to the emotions you can experience there. However, if you are in a small town or in a country where there a few casinos it’s more convenient to avoid losing time in traveling by registering in an online casino.

Online or offline gambling – which is safer?

The safety factor is a must when considering absolutely anything in life. We live in difficult times and to be honest, in scary times. So carrying money won from a jackpot in a dark street at night (which is the time we usually visit casinos) is everything else, but not safe. So in all cases, online casinos are more secured. Moreover – new websites like offer specially tailored SSL security technologies that protect your personal data and funds.

Online or offline gambling – where’s easier to invest your money in?

In physical casinos you can either pay in cash, or use your credit card. However, considering the safety issue from the above, as well as the incapability of some people to use bank cards, makes it more reasonable to join an online platform where bank wire transfers and popular e-wallets are offered as easy payment methods.

Online or offline gambling – where are the best bonuses?

We would lie if we tell you that offline casinos have no bonuses. As a matter of fact, they have followed the practice of the online casinos to provide bonuses, too, due to the deduction of active punters in today’s physical casinos. However, the best bonuses are still in the online gambling platforms. Moreover – there are more bonuses in the internet rather than in the real casinos.

Online or offline gambling – which one offers more extras?

By all means, the online casinos can provide numerous extras the offline gambling providers cannot. Here, we will mention only a few of them: mobile services, kind and 24/7 available customer support team, and possibility to play even in country where gambling is restricted, bigger assortment of all types of games and many more. To be honest, the only pro the offline casino can brag about is the authentic experience.

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