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Entertaining Sports, Horse Betting, and Lottery Games Offered by Singapore Pools

Lottery Games Offered by Singapore Pools
Lottery Games Offered by Singapore Pools

Sgk Pools offers a selection of betting options, including sports, horse racing, and lottery games.

A lottery subsidiary company, Singapore Pools is involved in gaming operations such as sports betting, lotteries, and online gambling, including motor racing, football, and TOTO lotteries.


By offering trusted and safe betting, the operator contributes to fighting illegal gambling practices. The main values behind the company’s vision include community, customer care, innovation, integrity, and respect for diversity.


Players that have a Singapore Pools Account can place bets either by phone or online. Those who prefer to bet with cash can do so at Livewire locations or outlets. Sports are divided by category – popular, upcoming football, and upcoming motor racing. Players can choose from a variety of bet types such as total goals odd/even, total goals over/under, Pick the Score, and Asian Handicap.

Horse Racing

Singapore Pools also features horse racing events in Europe, South Africa, and Australia and more specifically in cities such as Perth and Melbourne. There are racing channels that broadcast live events held in Singapore and across the world, featuring live betting information. They televise events 12 hours a day and offer information such as change of jockeys, scratchings, race results, forecast approximate dividends, place, and win. The channels are only available to customers who have an active account and not to the public. Players can also choose events by race status, including abandoned, resulted, in progress, and upcoming.

Customers can bet on a variety of bet types, and winners receive dividends after Singapore Pools’ commission and Goods & Services Tax have been deducted.


At present, Sgk Pools offers three types of lottery games – Singapore Sweep, 4D, and TOTO. 4D, also known as pick four lottery, involves draw balls with numbers from 0 to 9. Five officials and an independent auditor participate in the draw process which is conducted on Sunday, Saturday, and Wednesday. The operator also features a TOTO game, with draws taking place on Thursday and Monday. Players can place bets in four ways – system roll and system bet, ordinary, and QuickPick. Singapore Sweep is another lottery game whereby players can choose from different 7-digit numbers.

Sales Channels

In addition to a network of branches, sales channels that serve customers include live sports entertainment venues, football clubs, convenience stores, provision shops, and supermarkets.

Customers can also place bets by opening an account provided that they meet the requirements. They must have a residential address in Singapore and a local mobile number and must be of legal age (21 years or older). Permanent residents and Singapore citizens meet the criteria as well as foreign citizens that have a Singapore foreign identification number. Persons subject to exclusions under the Casino Control Act are not eligible, including those under family exclusion order as outlined in section 165C or section 162. Customers are only allowed to open one account. Singapore citizens residing overseas are not permitted to hold an account.

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