Posted December 16, 2017 by Julian in Poker Online

Dewapoker – God Of Poker

If you are an addict of online games, then as an online poker player, you do not even need to visit the casino to get all the action. You can participate right from the comfort of your home, for the smallest of the stakes or sometimes even for free.

Poker is like any other card game, which is similar to betting. At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt 2 cards face down and they can bet whether to continue the game or close the card, in case they want to stop. Then each player will be given 3 more cards, openly kept on the poker table. Players who returned can place the bets. Now, one card is shared on the table, after which the players can pause the bet and continue to the 5th card. So primarily, the players go for a massive combination of 5 cards. In poker, a win can be achieved on the first division of 3 cards, or on the second division or even the last division.

Many sites allow you to watch a game that you are not playing in. It is not always necessary that you play a game instead, you can watch how people play, why they played it one particular way. By observing others, you can up your thinking capacity.

One promoter of online poker games in the whole of Asia, which is worth a mention is Dewapoker. If you are an enthusiast of poker, this promoter provides the best online card games’ platform with latest, advanced technology. It offers a collection of card games like online bandarq, domino 99, poker, capsa, sakong, qiu qiu, etc.

Domino 99 is a very popular dominos form in Indonesia. It is also called as 99 domino poker or qiu qiu, played using a set of double six dominoes.

Capsa is also another online poker game by the same promoter.

DanaQQ provides a platform for these exciting games from Dewapoker. It offers 100% security and guarantees your money safety. You need to register for ID and password with accurate information to make the betting transactions easy. Dewapoker allows you to bet at your optimal comfort. It includes new member bonus and referral bonuses. Once you are a registered member, you have non-stop gambling access. Its high speed servers make the online poker experience interesting and exciting for you and your rivals. You don’t even need to download the app, you can just login and start playing, without worrying about data security.

Although it is a very trusted site, you need to understand that when you bet, it can lead to losses too. This platform gives you the best betting along with the facilities but since it’s a game, there are losers and winners. Play poker with the right spirit and enjoy online gambling, and you never know maybe you can become a professional poker player.

Every story of a poker addict begins with Dewapoker, which is truly considered as the God of Poker.