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Determining the worth of a casino bonus

casino bonus
casino bonus

Without an understanding of how casino bonuses work, it is quite easy to become frustrated with the practice of it, but we’re here to try help with that. Most players primarily want to know if it is worth putting in their time and effort seeing as how various keen entities offer casino online games and competing, trying to outdo each other on who has the best rates.

Before getting into it, perhaps the first tip to give about bonuses is the best one you can get is one that you can convert to money should you so wish. It is however not that simple, so you will need to read the requirements to ensure that you fulfill the obligations to allow you to do the same. The costs of a bonus have a few factors riding on them. These are the house edge, the wagering requirement, and percentage of the same of a specific game contributing to the fulfillment.

What does that mean? The wagering requirement here speaks of the amount of money that you will have to bet to access a given bonus. That means that you will only be able to withdraw the bonus when you meet the winnings of the bonus or the deposit relating to it by meeting the wagering requirement. It is usually represented with a number before an X, so that means 10X would be the number of times you have to bet on the deposit or bonus winnings, or both, for it to be cashable. These numbers vary depending on the platform you’re using, with the average number being anything between 20 and 35 times.

The wagering percentage then speaks of the overall percentage of the various games played to contribute to the wagering requirement. The casino will detail what different ones contribute so that you can know what to prioritize. The house edge is usually also in percentage form and it the amount that a casino expects to get from all games played over an extended period. Overall you want to go with those that have a low house edge as they give best odds.

With these in mind, you need to decide if the bonus is worth it. If you deposit $100, get a bonus match is 100% with a 10x wager requirement, even if you bet what you deposit, you won’t be able to withdraw profits until the wagering requirement on the bonus is met. That means you will have to bet a total of $1000 to make a withdrawal. The trick is to be smart with how you bet the ‘free’ money by making sure you make profits and increase your chances of winning the bonus. You, therefore, want to focus more on the requirements than the bonus. A new player should, however, be wary of this marketing scheme to get them to sign on as it could be in the long run, not worth the hustle.

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