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Best Poker Strategies

Every day, millions of people around the world play poker against their friends, family members, coworkers, and even complete and total strangers.


And while nothing will ever really be sitting down at a table and playing poker against real-life people staring across you, soaking in the pressure that these kinds of games always bring to the table, online poker is the next best thing when you aren’t able to get a local game together.


Thankfully, a lot of the best poker online strategies are exactly the same as the best traditional poker strategies. After all, the game of poker is a game of poker. The rules that govern a game of Three Card Draw in your living room are going to be the same rules that govern a game of Three Card Draw online, too.


To help you take your online poker skills to the next level we’ve put together this quick guide. If you’ve been struggling to turn a pretty profit before, these kinds of tips can take your game to new heights almost immediately. You’ll be able to put a lot more poker cash in your back pocket when you use these strategies.

Start thinking of ranges rather than enhance


Right out of the box you’ll want to make the first major distinction that separates amateur players from elite players – and that’s changing the way you think about what your opponent might have.


Average poker players try and figure out EXACTLY what they were opponent has in their hand. Advanced poker players think about the multitude of possibilities that opponents might have (including during online poker matches), and that lets them better calculate their odds and increases their chance of winning significantly.

Toss your favorite hand (almost) every time


Emotion has no place in poker, particularly online poker – and the sooner you can jettison your “favorite” hands, the better off you are going to be.


Everybody that has played poker for any serious amount of time has a favorite poker hand. Every time that hand comes up you feel like Lady Luck has kissed you right on the lips, and that the odds have some – mystically – tilted directly in your favor.


This takes your critical thinking right out of the equation altogether and almost compels you to make poor choices and anything but intelligent moves when you have these cards sitting in your hand. If you are able to take emotion out of things by all means play your favorite hand.


If you cannot, toss it back into the discard and fold faster than a lawn chair (even when you are planning online poker).


ALWAYS have a reason


Any move you make when playing a game of poker should be well thought out, strategized, and played only after you understand exactly what your ideal outcome is – even if the ideal outcome isn’t realized.


Poker players that play by the seat of their pants with nothing but a lucky charm to guide them might be able to go on a hot streak every now and again, but for the most part these players are going to lose a lot more than they ever win.


Think of your plays in advance every single time you are making a move when playing in person or online poker and your success rate will shoot up dramatically.

Olivia Abigail