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American Blackjack Or European Blackjack- Which Is Better?

American Blackjack Or European Blackjack
American Blackjack Or European Blackjack

Though the American and European Blackjacks are quite similar, there are still some minor differences in the style of play and strategies.

Blackjacks are quite popular in online casinos. Though this game has multiple variations, there are mostly two popular variants- American Blackjack and European Blackjack. The rules and playing style are almost similar to the two variants, but there is a slight difference. During the gameplay, it is to be decided which strategy is to be applied to win. American Blackjack is more flexible than the other and holds more winning chances between these two.

Blackjack’s Hole Card

The dealer always deals with two cards in American Blackjack, namely the face-up and face down or the Hole card. The dealer can peep at the hole card in possible blackjack situations. In the case of an Ace in face-up card, the dealer will look at the hole card instantaneously without letting anyone see it. Surprisingly if the hole card turns out to be Blackjack, the hand will be ended, and wages will be collected from the players.

On the contrary, there is no system of hole cards in European Blackjack. In this variant, the dealer deals with one face-up card only. Here, he can see the other card only after completing the player’s hands, allowing him to check for the Blackjack before finishing the player’s hand.

Decks in Play

American Blackjack uses 6-8 standard decks of cards. In the European one, only two standard decks are used. Here the American Blackjack is on the front because more decks signify a more significant house edge, making card counting slightly difficult.

Doubling Down

It refers to doubling your initial bet if you are sure that your hand will beat the dealers. In American Blackjack, doubling can be done on any total. In the European Blackjack, hands with 9, 10, and 11 can be doubled down. Moreover, doubling down can also be done after splitting on American Blackjack, making it more flexible.


In European Blacking, splitting can be done only once and only like value cards of 10- 10’s and the face cards. The main difference is that you can split 3 hands in the American variant and make it 4 and can split any pair of cards.

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Fundamental Strategy

The main strategy in American Blackjack is aggressiveness on splitting and doubling down tactics. In European one, people have to be strict and concerned about their splits and doubling down ways.

Surrender at a Late Hour

After the first two cards are dealt, players choose to surrender. It helps the player to lose half of what he wagered. This is advisable when a person is pretty sure about his defeat or hard to win. In American Blackjack, players can surrender at any time. On the contrary, the no surrender option is unavailable in the European Blackjack.

In a nutshell, both types are great to play and entertaining. After looking at the facts, it is better to say that American Blackjack is somewhat flexible than the other one.

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