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A Betting Strategy for Blackjack That Will Help You Maximize Your Winnings

Betting Strategy for Blackjack
Betting Strategy for Blackjack

Here is a betting strategy for blackjack that will help minimize your losses and maximize your winnings.

If you’ve played blackjack for long enough, then you probably know all the usual strategies and the thinking behind them. Those strategies have probably helped you win your fair share of money, too. However, winning is great, but wouldn’t it be even better to win more consistently and with bigger amounts at the end of each session? That’s where betting strategies come in. They are not strategies to win hands, but they are strategies to try to get the most out of the money you bet. Here is one of the best and most popular betting strategies out there right now. You can use it in person, or an IDN Poker website.

The 1-3-2-6 Betting Strategy

The name might sound intimidating. It’s all numbers, so do you need to know complicated math? Well, not exactly. You do need to follow a pattern, however. This strategy works as a progressive strategy by betting in a sequence that will help maximize your wins and minimize your losses.

You start by betting your base amount, which is represented by the 1 in the name of the sequence. For this example, we will keep it simple and use $1 as the base betting amount. You keep betting that amount until you win. It might be the first hand, or it might be the tenth hand. Let’s say you win two hands in a row. That means you will have bet $1 and $3. If you win four hands in a row, then you will have been $1, $3, $2, and $6. If you go through the sequence and win all of those bet amounts you start back at your original figure of $1. The sequence also starts over if you lose. For example, if you win two in a row, but lose the third, you will have been $1, $3, and $1.

By betting in small amounts at first and building up, you are preventing yourself from blowing out too much money on one hand too early. Even if you lose at that higher amount, you will have already won some money to manage it. It gives you structure and helps prevent losing your shirt in the case of bad luck. When it comes to gambling, whether you are at a real casino or playing on an IDN Poker site, anything that provides you with structure and limits is important.

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