Texas TAKS 7th Grade Math - Test 1

The following test has 12 questions.


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1. The top, front, and side views of a 3-dimensional figure built with identical cubes are shown below.

Which 3-dimensional figure do these views best represent?





2. Mike got a 45% discount when he bought a new jacket. Which of the following is NOT equivalent to 45%?
  a. †9
  b. 4
  c. 0.45
  d. †45

3. Three students compared the number of hours they each studied for a test.

Based on this information, which statement is true?
  a. Jackie studied 1 hour, because 4 − 3 = 1.
  b. Mary studied 5 hours, because 3 + 4 = 7 and 7 − 2 = 5.
  c. Veronica studied 2 hours more than Mary, because 4 − 2 = 2.
  d. Jackie, Mary, and Veronica studied a total of 9 hours, because 2 + 4 + 3 = 9.

4. The graph below shows the height of 6 of the largest trees found in the United States.

Which statement is best supported by the graph?
  a. The 3 shortest trees shown are from Washington.
  b. The tallest tree and the shortest tree shown are from Washington.
  c. The height of the coast redwood tree is three times the height of the spruce tree.
  d. The height of the eucalyptus tree is about half the height of the coast Douglas fir tree.

5. Ming has a plastic container that is shaped like a rectangular prism. The container has a length of 14 centimeters and a width of 6 centimeters. If the volume of the container is 840 cubic centimeters, what is its height?
  a. 10 cm
  b. 42 cm
  c. 14 cm
  d. 168 cm

6. The table below shows the number of minutes Steve used his cell phone each month during a 4-month period.

Steve pays a monthly fee of $40 for a 300-minute plan plus $0.40 for each minute over 300. What was the total amount Steve paid for these 4 months, not including tax?
  a. $220
  b. $166
  c. $126
  d. $154

7. The model below is a square with an area of 144 square units.

Which of these equations can be used to determine s, the side length of this model in units?
  b. s = 1212
  c. s = 144

8. Karen is k years old. Raulís age, r, is 6 more than 2 times Karenís age. Which of the following equations best represents this situation?
  a. r = (6 + 2)k
  b. k = 2r + 6
  c. r = 2k + 6
  d. k = (6 + 2)r

9. Lily folded the net below along the dashed line segments.

Which of the following best describes the shape of the folded object?
  a. Square prism
  b. Square pyramid
  c. Triangular prism
  d. Triangular pyramid

10. Samantha is using a wooden strip 7/8 yard long to make a picture frame. If she cuts off a piece that is 3/4 yard long, which fraction best represents the portion that is left of the original strip?
  a. 13/8 yd
  b. 1 yd
  c. 1/4 yd
  d. 1/8 yd

11. There are 8 girls in a dance class. The girls are represented in the diagrams below by the numbers 1 through 8. If each girl needs a dance partner, which list shows all the possible combinations of girls in the dance class?

12. Ernest bought one of each of the following food items at the grocery store.

If Ernest was charged $16.80, for which item did the cashier accidentally charge him twice?
  a. Milk
  b. Bread
  c. Chips
  d. Cheese

Good Luck!