Texas TAKS 6th Grade Reading - William Wegman / The Typical Life of a Dog Model

The following test has 10 questions.

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Use “William Wegman” to answer questions 1 – 3.

What is this selection mainly about?
  a. How Wegman switched from painting to photography
  b. How dogs have helped shape Wegman’s career
  c. How Wegman got his first and second dogs
  d. How different Wegman’s dogs are from one another

2. What does the word intriguing mean in paragraph 5?
  a. Deserving
  b. Interesting
  c. Frustrating
  d. Demanding

3. Look at the outline of information from the selection.

What information belongs on the blank line?
  a. Grew up in Massachusetts
  b. Remained dogless for three years
  c. Won praise for his work with Man Ray
  d. Became interested in videos and photography

4. Use “The Typical Life of a Dog Model” to answer questions 4 – 7.

Which sentence from the interview shows that a lot of thought goes into Wegman’s work?
  a. Most people who have seen my photographs think it’s easy.
  b. He never makes fun of us while we work.
  c. The lighting, the angles of my poses, the costumes—all the elements have to be just right for him.
  d. When I’m in the studio with Wegman, he gives me a lot of attention and praise.

5. Fay Ray has no plans to retire because she —
  a. thinks it would hurt Wegman’s feelings
  b. wants Wegman to replace her first
  c. still finds modeling to be rewarding
  d. feels she must watch over her children

6. Fay Ray can best be described as a dog model who is —
  a. pushy
  b. confident
  c. quiet
  d. foolish

7. Paragraph 2 is mainly about —
  a. what a photo shoot with Wegman is like
  b. how Wegman gets ideas for his photos
  c. why Wegman’s Cinderella series is so popular
  d. how Fay Ray feels about Wegman’s other dog models

8. Use “William Wegman” and “The Typical Life of a Dog Model” to answer questions 8 – 10.

Both the selection and the interview were written to —
  a. persuade readers to buy Wegman’s work
  b. tell readers why Fay Ray is such a popular dog model
  c. explain Wegman’s work to the reader
  d. provide readers with examples of animals in art

9. From information in both the selection and the interview, the reader can conclude that Chundo, Chip, and Batty —
  a. appear in the Cinderella series of photographs
  b. are Fay Ray’s puppies
  c. have all appeared on Sesame Street
  d. are more popular than Fay Ray

10. One similarity between the selection and the interview is that both —
  a. show the love between Wegman and the dogs
  b. mention different techniques artists use
  c. provide the dogs’ point of view
  d. explain how Wegman became famous

Good Luck!