New York Testing 6th Grade Math - Test 3

The following test has 8 questions.

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1. Tyler has a container with 2.95 liters of laundry detergent. How many milliliters of detergent are in the container?

1 liter = 1,000 milliliters

  a. 0.295
  b. 29.5
  c. 295
  d. 2,950

2. What number is equivalent to |-27|?
  a. 27
  b. -27
  c. 1/27
  d. -1/27

3. The bar graph below shows the number of seniors who graduated over a four-year period from Empire High School.

What is the total number of seniors who graduated over the four-year period?
  a. 280
  b. 285
  c. 290
  d. 295

4. Lani has learned 21 of the 84 songs in her piano playbook. What percent of the total number of songs in the playbook has Lani learned?
  a. 75%
  b. 63%
  c. 25%
  d. 21%

5. The dogs in an animal parade are grouped by size. There are 12 small dogs, 8 medium-sized dogs, and 13 large dogs. If one dog is randomly chosen to lead the parade, what is the probability that a large dog will be chosen?
  a. 1
  b. 1
  c. 13
  d. 13

6. What is the volume of the rectangular prism shown below?

  a. 16 cubic feet
  b. 32 cubic feet
  c. 56 cubic feet
  d. 64 cubic feet

7. Which point on the number line below represents a number that is less than 2.5 but greater than 7.5?

  a. point R
  b. point S
  c. point T
  d. point V

8. Lin is making a volcano for a science fair. He uses 8 cups of vinegar. How many pints of vinegar does Lin use?

1 pint = 2 cups

  a. 4
  b. 6
  c. 10
  d. 16

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