Waves & Vibrations-Grade 3

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The Magic School Bus Gets An Earful As you may have already heard, lots of different things make lots of different sounds. Chickens make chicken sounds, babies make baby sounds, and buses make bus sounds. Hear what we're saying?  

Wise Up! Sound Activity Wise Up helps children to make the most of what they know about sound. It summarizes key information and gives examples, then offers practice questions, drawing on what children have learned at school.

Play a Piano: An interactive Musical Java Activity This virtual reality Java piano lets you play the piano and have a little fun while learning the relationship between the sounds, music theory, musical scales, and the underlying math and physics of how sounds are produced and perceived.

Star Light Star Bright  Learn all about light and space at this informative site.

Wise Up! Light Activity A source of light is something that makes its own light. Examples are the sun, light bulbs, flames and some animals, such as glow-worms.

*** OPTICS FOR KIDS! *** Optics for Kids How do scientists and engineers see light? With their eyes? Yes, actually - but in other ways, too. Some fun and interesting things about Optics (the science of Light, and one of the most important fields of Physics).

Point on a wave Waves At this interactive site you'll learn about types of waves, measuring waves, moving from one medium to another, collision of waves, reflection, refraction and diffraction. The site also includes a quiz.

Red, green, and blue Light Waves Light is produced by a luminous body. A light bulb is a luminous body that emits light in almost every direction. Of all the electromagnetic waves, light is the only portion of waves that can be detected by the human eye.

Shimmer ImageOnline Exhibits @ the Exploratorium Check out online exhibits that teach lessons on motion, force, speed, illusions, etc.

Light Waves and Color Electromagnetic waves exist with an enormous range of frequencies. This continuous range of frequencies is known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

Color is in the eye of the beholder. Light and Color @ The Franklin Institute Did you ever look at a beautiful painting or witness a gorgeous sunset and wonder, `How is it that I am able to see that?' What enables us to see the light and experience such wonderful shades of color during the course of our everyday lives? Some may take seeing for granted, but if the process is looked at closely, you can see what a wonder it really is.

Light Refraction Refraction occurs when a light ray changes mediums. Light traveling from air and going into water would be an example.

Sandlot Science  An interactive Guide to Optical Illusions. Explore interactive optical effects, illusions, distortions, animations, artwork, stories, Adobe PDF projects, games and more. Choose a category and start exploring over seventy-five colorful exhibits and activities.

Pitch Sound Sound waves are longitudinal waves produced by variations in air pressure. A vibrating source pushes molecules in air back and forth, creating areas of compression and rarefaction. . .

Sound and Waves Sound, what do you see, think and hear when you hear that word? Well to some people they hear noises of their brother or sister screaming at them, or a cheer after a goal in a hockey game. To others, they see speakers vibrating, their heart thumping. Well then one may ask if you can hear and feel sound then, what is it?

Soundry The Soundry  The Soundry is an exciting, interactive, and educational web site about sound. Covering everything from the most basic concepts of what sound actually is to the specifics of how humans perceive it, The Soundry aims to promote enthusiasm and knowledge of sound. We hope you have fun exploring our site and come away with new understanding and insights about sound.

Echo An echo is a reflection of a sound wave back to its source in sufficient strength and with a sufficient time lag to be separately distinguished.

Kids' Almanac-Harmonic Motion   Vibration is the theme of this online explanation.

Lesson Plans/Classroom Activities


Observing Sound Waves

Can Sound Travel Through Things?


Slinky in Hand

Anti-Gravity Mirror

Cylindrical Mirror

Giant Lens


Blue Sky

The Three Little Pig(ments)

Critical Angle

Measuring Shadows

Colored Shadows

Convection Currents


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