Phonics-Grade 1

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The Reading Room Pick a letter and find out how it sounds!

Vowel Sound Essentials Visit this site to practice memorizing the essential 31 vowel sounds. Click on the sound to hear it pronounced.

Tamps's Reading Place Visit "Tampa's Reading Place" for alphabet memorizing and phonics worksheets, word lists, etc.

Picture of Cliff Hanger Between the Lions Our medieval knights blend words, "joust" for fun. Each joust allows five challengers to go lance-to-lance with a featured knight. Using the featured rhymes, kids can practice the most common English spelling patterns. And they'll learn the letter-sound relationships of phonics as they have fun with these rhyming words.

BBCi SkillswiseBBC - Skillswise Words - Syllable Factory Practice breaking up words into syllables.

Home Help Me 2 Learn - Demos and Games Have fun! This page contains over 25 games and activities that will help you learn to read.

First School Years First School Years was created by a small number of primary teachers to provide worksheets and resources for parents and teachers of children in Early Years and Key Stage 1.

Learn basic phonicsBeginning Letter Sounds Free software for learning phonics. Letter Sounds helps children make the first, vital connection between the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represent. Children drag pictures to the letters that make the first sounds of the word that describes the picture.

Reading Competency Test   How well are your children reading? Print out this Competency Test and find out today!

Ultimate Phonics The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program  Determine a student's reading level with this test.

BBC Education - Words and Games - Long Vowel Sounds These activities focus on Long Vowel Sounds (eg coat, hide). This area of phonic knowledge is introduced in the Year 1 Term 3 objectives of the National Literacy Strategy Framework.

BBC Education - Words and Games - Consonant Clusters These activities help with initial and end clusters in words (eg spin, desk). This area of phonic knowledge is introduced in the Year 1 Term 2 objectives of the National Literacy Strategy Framework.

BBC Education - Words and Games - CVC Words These activities focus on Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words (eg cat, hat). This area of phonic knowledge is introduced in the Year 1 Term 1 objectives of the National Literacy Strategy Framework.

BBC Education - Words and Games - Phonics These activities focus on the common spelling patterns for the nine vowel phonemes that are introduced in Year 2.

BBC Education - Words and Games - High Frequency Words These activities help with the learning of 'high frequency' words (eg him, her, us, then). The National Literacy Strategy Framework identifies approximately 200 words which should be achieved by the end of Key Stage 1.

Literacy Center - The Early Childhood Education Network It is the mission of the LiteracyCenter.Net to make certain that no child is left behind because of a lack of high-quality education material. It is its goal to provide a new Web-based platform for Daycare, Preschool, First-grade, and Second-grade teachers that simplifies their lives and provides their students with the best in Web-based education.

DRAG AND DROP GAME Drag and Drop game. Match all the words Drag the pictures to the correct word box. Great for kids learning to read!

Rhyming Words This game is an interactive version of the game concentration. Students click on a card to reveal what is on the other side, then click on another card to try to find a rhyming word.

Down by the Bay Our Our Lady of Peace students have created their own lyrics and pictures for the song "Down By the Bay". They would like you to try your hand at finding their pictures to match their lyrics. Just click the picture that you think is correct.

Rhyming Words There are four words that follow each numbered word. Underline the word that does not exactly rhyme with the others.

Rhyming Words Worksheet Draw a line connecting the words in each column that rhyme. Write down some rhyming words that you can think of.

Henry Magnetic Rhymes Try to make a sentence from these words. Just click on them, then drag.

Word Families - Rebus Rhymes Word families are groups of words that have a common feature or pattern - they have some of the same combinations of letters in them and a similar sound. For example, at, cat, hat, and fat are a family of words with the "at" sound and letter combination in common.

Quia - Rhyming Words Play online games using rhyming words.

Reading Comprehension  This site has printable worksheets for all grade levels that test for reading comprehension. It also includes spelling and vocabulary words.

Phonics, Syllables and Accent Rules This site contains a personal reference page with phonics rules that you can print and keep to refer to.

Lesson Plans/Classroom Activities


FIRST AID for Phonics

Sound Search

Sight Word Soup

Musical Chair Phonics

Phonics and Letter ID

Songs to Build Reading Skills


All About Me Unit

Your Name

Decoding, Reading , and Motivation to Read

Winter Make Words Lesson

Letter Slide

Teaching er,ir,ur Sounds

Making Words with i, o, and u

Word Study -- 'oo' Words

Consonant Blends Interactive Bulletin Board

Choose and Use

Dicey Dolch Words

Fishing for Words Game

"Go Fish" Card Game for Recognition of Vocabulary Words

Using a Dictionary - Sounds

Label Tables

Whole Class Journal Writing for the Day

Phonemic Awareness

Letter of the Day

Alphabet Review Activities

A Letter Ideas

B Letter Ideas

C Letter Ideas

D Letter Ideas

E Letter Ideas

F Letter Ideas

G Letter Ideas

H Letter Ideas

Words Beginning with H

I Letter Ideas

J Letter Ideas

K Letter Ideas

L Letter Ideas

M Letter Ideas

N Letter Ideas

O Letter Ideas

P Letter Ideas

Q Letter Ideas

R Letter Ideas

S Letter Ideas

T Letter Ideas

U Letter Ideas

V Letter Ideas

W Letter Ideas

X Letter Ideas

Y Letter Ideas

Z Letter Ideas


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