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U.S. Newswire Current Headlines U.S. Newswire is a national news release wire service, founded in 1986, which provides a direct communications system between news sources in the field of public policy and the news media that cover them. Organizations around the world - including The White House Press Office - rely on U.S. Newswire every day to provide immediate, simultaneous electronic distribution of press releases and related materials to the media and online services worldwide via direct wire service feed.

usnews.com US News.com US News.com is based off U.S.News & World Report, a weekly national newsmagazine devoted largely to reporting and analyzing national and international affairs, politics, business, health, science, technology, and social trends.

American Politics C-SPAN.org Public Affairs on the Web created by America's Cable Companies.

IPL Reading Room: Newspapers Read online newspapers from different states in the country and different countries around the world!

The New York Times On The Web The New York Times on the Web At New York Times on the Web you will be sure to receive all the wit, the wisdom, the news, the views offered in every issue of The New York Times.

 Current Events - News Headlines Read the news headlines from around the country - pick the state your interested in and you're on your way!

USAToday.com USATODAY.com Online information covering today's top stories in news, money, sports, life, tech, and weather.

United Nations News Service Check out all the issues of importance and the latest developments from the United Nations.

Rothenburg on the Tauber The Avalon Project 21st Century Documents Check out this online list of important documents in US history from the 20th Century.

Globalization Globalization describes an ongoing process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and execution. The term is sometimes used to refer specifically to economic globalization: the integration of national economies into the international economy through trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows, migration, and the spread of technology.

Click here to return to homepageWTO News - Whats happening at the WTO Read the latest news, news archives, press releases, speeches and more from the World Trade Organization.

Foreign Policy Foreign Policy is the online magazine of global politics, economics, and ideas.

Foreign Affairs Magazine Foreign Affairs covers a broad range of subjects related to international affairs for both practitioners and a general audience. Published continuously since 1922, it has been considered the preeminent journal devoted to U.S. foreign policy and international politics and economics.

The Online Newspaper covering Capitol Hill since 1955.

top left logo FedNet FedNet is the leading provider of Washington based, real-time and archival multimedia information. Headquartered on Capitol Hill, FedNet provides clients the ability to capture, webcast, archive, search, retrieve and bundle events and information related to the client's special interests.

Lesson Plans/Classroom Activities


Current Events

United States vs. Microsoft

News Coverage

Genetic Engineering

Have Minorities Gained Acceptance?

Haiti and the Boat People

Oil and National Security 

Energy and Cars - What Does the Future Hold?

Puerto Rico: Commonwealth, Statehood, or Independence

Should We Have the Right to Die?

Young People and the Internet Issues of Censorship and Free Expression

The Battle over Proposition 187

Should Government Aid Students Attending Parochial Schools?

Balancing Budgets From Reagan to Today

Why Don't People Vote?

TV Attack Ads and the Voter

The Debate over School Choice


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